Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Handplane Ho-Down is On! May 5th

> San Clemente State Beach
> Date: Saturday, May 5th
> Time: Sunrise to ???

This is not a contest in any way, shape or form. Just a day of fun (ie. Fish Fry) to celebrate the handplane. NO POSTERS, NO BANNERS, NO SALES, NO T-SHIRTS. All word of mouth. This event is for everyone, from the first time garage made handplanes, to the super refined handplanes that are being sold in shops. If your into the food tray thing, bring that too. There will be representatives with Demo Boards from Hess, Surfcraft Co-op, Enjoy, and Brownfish, plus any and all other company's are welcome to bring handplanes for the masses to try-out. Please spread the word via facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. Also, a good old fashioned phone call to your Bro would be greatly appreciated.


Matt Brandt said...

In for sure!!! This will be a blast!!

Anonymous said...

This has a large potential for major amounts of fun. Too bad I'm
in Brooklyn, NY, but I'll be there
in spirit.

Scooter said...

Very stoked! Plan on JV and I to be there with our homemade goodness. They might not be the prettiest planes but they get the job done and keep us full of stoke.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome event. Shame we don't have stuff like this in Devon, England! Hope everyone that's there has a great time.

Cadillac Zac said...

I'm going to try to make the trek down there from Ventura. Be nice to see some fellow planers in the line up as I'm usaully surronded by shortboarders up here.

Phil S said...

Marked on the calendar for sure. I'll bring a friend or two with garage handplanes too!

Anonymous said...

Cadillac, I'm usually out at Pt. Mugu with my garage planes. We should get together some time.

Uncle Dave said...

Uncle Dave is coming from Turlock!!! Shoots, can't wait to hang with my fellow sliders!!!