Thursday, November 17, 2011


I will admit it. I've got this blog. I've got my FB page. Got my other job, kids, wife, surfing, handplaning: I think thats enough. Thats what I was thinking when some of my photographer friends started telling me I should sign up for Instagram. Eventually I folded and uploaded the app to my I-phone. You know what. I really like it. Plus, I think it really fits into the business side of things. It's pretty quick and easy to snap pics of custom Handplanes with my phone then upload them to Instagram. So, if you have an I-phone (Instagram not yet available on droid or blackberry), ordered a handplane, and have the Instagram app and are following brownfish, there is a good chance you just might see your handplane come through. Here is a shot I took today of Jason Kenworthy and Kevin Voegs, while doing the photo thing in our clean room (aka, garage).

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