Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Introducing "The Hobbit"

Many good bodysurfers have been asking for quite some time when I was going to come out with a small handplane/board. These are the kind of guys and girls you will see sliding along effortlessly without any type of planing device. They can use their hand or a swimming paddle and slide along better than I, using a big planing device. They truly want something that is mainly an aid to their already impressive skills. Something that won't be a liability at big Wedge or Pipeline. Well here is my offering. Dubbed "The Hobbit" by my wife Rebecca. It measures 9" long by 7.5" wide and pretty much goes from your fingertips (at the nose) to the base of your thenar eminances(your hand). Keith Malloy got his on Friday Night at the screening of "Come Hell or High Water." Come to Sacred Craft in Del Mar weekend after next and check it out.
Comparison of the size of the "Short and Fat" and "The Hobbit"


LESider said...

Its the shortboard revolution! cut your big handplanes in half!

Just kidding. Looks great!

obproud said...


I have had some success with some similar mini-handplanes, using one in each hand.

Not only is it like swim fins for your arms, but you can really get your body up and out of the water with a scissor type move with your arms.

Give it a shot if you haven't already.


Santiago said...

Best model I´ve ever seen. I was wondering how the leash is attached to the board. It´s a pretty nice design, keep on like this!