Thursday, January 6, 2011


I didn't come up with this handplane thing.  They have been made for many years.  Hawaiin's having been carving them out and using them for decades.  I'm sure the same can be said for some Europeans and Australians.  When I got into, I looked around at what was being made, and tried to improve upon them.  Three guys really stick out as influences.

DANNY HESS- a green carpenter by trade.  Had been been making handplanes on a commercial level for years prior to me picking up a single tool.  His planes are the epitomy of enviornmentally conscious.  Clean lines.  Great craftsmenship.  Charges huge Ocean Beach on his own surfboards.  An incredibly nice guy to boot.  He is a legend.  Thanks Danny.

CYRUS SUTTON-  carving out his own pieces of Paulownia well before I was.  Tinkering, testing, tinkering, and more testing.  All for his own enjoyment.  Sure he'll make you a handplane, but, I think he'd rather have you come over so he can teach you how to make one yourself.  Completely selfless.  Great guy.  I enjoy being around and surfing with him.  Thanks Cy.

ERIC FASSBAUGH-  you don't know who he is.  Many that know me or have seen me at the beach frequently, often mistake him as my Grumpy dad.  He isn't.  He's just a friend.  The kids makeshift grandpa.  He doesn't make Handplanes.  He is a fine carpenter.  Has made boats and yachts all of his life.  Has been incredibly influecial in my designs and the tools to use for certain things that I incorporate.  I wouldn't even be halfway to where I am now without his help.  Thanks Eric.

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